Thematic Consultation on Feminist Economics and Economic Policy | CEDAW’s GR No. 40

The University of Buenos Aires, in collaboration with the GQUAL Campaign, is hosting a two-day thematic expert consultation on Feminist Economics and Economic Policy and its Connection to Women’s Equal and Inclusive Participation in Decision-Making Systems.

About the Consultation:
This consultation aims to provide constructive critical insights for the drafting of General Recommendation No. 40 (GR 40) of the CEDAW Committee. It will focus on the relationship between feminist economics, feminist economic policy, and women’s equal and inclusive participation in decision-making spaces, both nationally and internationally.

The consultation seeks to involve leading experts in critical fields such as international and human rights law, feminist economics, feminist fiscal justice, and gender-based violence. It aims to explore how feminist economics and economic policy can contribute to eliminating discrimination against women in various spheres of life, as outlined in the CEDAW.

Key Information:

  • Date: April 29-30, 2024
  • Location: University of Buenos Aires, Law School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Audience: Relevant experts, including independent experts, NGOs, academics and Members of CEDAW Committee


The consultation will provide input for the Committee’s GR 40 Working Group, aiming to define the scope of GR 40 and formulate conclusions, interpretations, and recommendations. It will explore CEDAW normative frameworks, practical ways to address challenges, and key themes and sub-themes related to feminist economics, economic policy, and women’s participation in decision-making systems.