Public Statement of the GQUAL Campaign during International Women’s Day 2021


Buenos Aires, March 10, 2021. On International Women’s Month we renew our commitment to continue working with States, International Organizations, civil society, and others to make gender parity in international justice a reality. Take a look at our 2020 work and join us as we continue to #ChangethePicture in 2021.

International Women’s Month gives us the chance to pause, assess, and celebrate the many achievements of the GQUAL Campaign in the fight for gender equality in the last year. Despite the challenges that the pandemic posed to all of us, 2020 represented a year of opportunities for GQUAL to impact in a fundamental space of leadership and decision-making that is affected by the lack of women’s equal participation: international justice.

We have worked tirelessly to raise awareness on the importance of having women at the table at the highest decision-making spaces. In our globalized world, decisions made at an international level have a high impact in our communities, the relations between nations, the future of the environment, the protection of rights, the handling of migration and refugee situations, and many other key issues. Women, who make up more than half of the world’s population, should not be absent from these decisions.

With the goal of achieving gender parity in international bodies, GQUAL actively promotes global debate through events and social media; engages with women’s groups, academics, States and international institutions; makes policy submissions and promotes research; publishes data on current and past levels of gender representation in international bodies; disseminates information on available international positions; and combines synergies with other groups fighting for gender equality.

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