Letter sent to the Human Rights Council Advisory Group in 2017. Written jointly with elements of civil society and interested parties.

The GQUAL Campaign, in tandem with its partner organizations and individual members, submitted a letter today encouraging the new members of the Human Rights Council´s Consultative Group to adopt “Guidelines on Gender Parity” for the selection process of all UN special mandate holders.

It would not be the first time that CG members adopted these measures. In June 2015, the Human Rights Council’s Consultative Group (CG) adopted “Guidelines on Gender Parity”, to address the gender disparity in the special mandate holder selection process. The Guidelines recommended the establishment of gender quotas that the CG would take into account for the approval of the short lists of candidates that would be interviewed and presented to the President of the HRC.

The new members assumed their functions on April 1st, 2017.We hope that the new CG will build upon the experience and good practices of previous members, and continue working towards achieving gender parity among the Special Procedures.

To check out the letter in full, click here: goo.gl/5opnqg