GQUAL at #GA2016

During the Organization of American States (OAS) 46th General Assembly, a resolution was passed which contained several important paragraphs that affirm the importance of gender parity when nominating judges and commissioners to the Inter-American Human Rights System. First the resolution encourages member States to nominate persons that would “ensure a balanced makeup” of gender, population groups, and legal systems. The Resolution also calls for increased transparency during nominations and elections.

This is the first Resolution within the OAS that states the need to consider gender balance as a criteria for selection of members of the Inter-American Commission and Court. With new elections coming up in 2017 (Commissioners) and 2018 (Judges) the Member States to the OAS, and especially those who have signed GQUAL, will have an opportunity to put the Resolution into practice.

To read the resolution in full, click here.